Quasem Lamps ltd.
Quasem Lamps Ltd (QLL) was formed as a private limited company in 1996 and went into commercial production of incandescent electric bulbs in 1997. The decade that followed saw the use of the incandescent electric bulb decline substantially, with fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps becoming more popular in the urban and industrial arenas.

In order to avoid being left with an obsolete product, Quasem Lamps Ltd (QLL) switched from manufacturing incandescent lamps to pocket gas lighter in 2004. While initially relying heavily on imported Chinese parts, QLL has been working since 2004 to take measures to take over more of the manufacturing process. Over the years the company has successfully overseen a massive increase to the 'value added' aspect of our product through the local manufacturing the gas tank, tank lid, tray, plastic wheel and other parts of a number of various types of lighters. Today QLL has emerged as by and far away the leading manufacturer of gas lighters in Bangladesh. At present it has a local Market share of approx 70-75%, a number that has grown rapidly over the years and will do so for many to come!