Quasem Group
The history of Quasem Group dates back to 1950, when the organization started its first business with the establishment of a trading house. It started its business in raw jute baling and exporting but within a very short time the company diversified its business activities to include trading coal, cement, food grains and similar such items. Success came quickly and by the mid 60's the company became one of largest exporters of jute and jute goods in what was then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. The vision and business acumen of the founder of Quasem Group, Mr. Abul Quasem, was the main inspiration behind the further business diversification of the company. His leadership, which was carried on by his sons following his death, have lead to the establishment of the following manufacturing business:

1. Quasem Textile Mills - 1963
2. Quasem Cotton Mills -1973
3. Quasem Rotor Spinning Mills -1990
4. Quasem Drycells Ltd -1981
5. Quasem Zinc Ltd – 1989
6. Quasem Lamps Ltd -1997
7. Quasem food Product (Ltd) – 2008.

Within a span of four decades the group expended its business, which at present covers production of yarn, weaving and finishing of fabrics, manufacturing of dry cell batteries (UM-1, UM-3, UM-4), Zinc callots, Flash light, pocket gas lighters , potato chips and more. In addition, the group has almost fully funded a charitable organization called Quasem Foundation since 1958. The company's commitment to social welfare and dedication to giving back to the community has led them to establish and operate a 100 bed Eye Hospital and a smaller Maternity & Child Welfare Center both in Ulipur, Kurigram- both are also non-profit and are for the benefit of the impoverished people of the area.