Board of Directors
Quasem Lamps Ltd is a public limited company registered in 1996 under the companies Act-1993 .The Board of Director of Quasem Lamps Limited represents diverse range of educational, business and professional backgrounds that comes together to ensure the company is well managed and maintained. The Board of Directors is committed to maintaining high standards of quality production and strives to consistently do what is in the best interests of the company and its employees, maintaining close measures of control and fostering a spirit of teamwork and togetherness.

Sl. No Name of the sponsor Status in the company.
1. Mr. Tasvir Ul Islam Chairman and Managing Director
2. Dr. Reyan Anis Islam Director
3. Mr. Saad Quasem Director
4. Mr. Tariq Abul Ala’s Deputy Managing Director
5. Mr. Mirza A. Maruf Advisor
6. Mr. A.K.M Hadeeul Islam Director Factory (OP)

tasvirul islam   Mr. Tasvir Ul Islam
Chairman and Managing Director

Mr.Tasvir Ul Islam, the Managing Director of Quasem Lamps, is a respected member of the Bangladeshi business community and the current Honorary Consul of Austria to Bangladesh. He is the youngest son of the late Mr. Abul Quasem, former Deputy Speaker of the Pakistan National assembly and the founder of Quasem Group. Mr. Islam began his business career in 1978, as a Director of Quasem Group, initially involving himself in the groups' textile projects before taking a more hands-on approach in battery manufacturing. By the year 2000, Mr. Islam had resigned from all posts in the textile industries and focused himself on the manufacturing units of Quasem Drycells,Quasem Zinc, Quasem Lamps and Quasem Food Products Limited.

Mr.Tasvir Ul Islam has been effectively running all of these factories for many years now and is the respected and tenacious leader of a strong management team to whom he delegates many of the day-to-day responsibilities of each of his companies, while still having a grasp of the overall administration from the top.

Mr. Islam obtained his B.S (Business Studies) Degree from the United States (University of Wisconson) and HND (Business Administration) from the UK. A dynamic and honest businessman, Mr. Islam is well respected amongst his peers in Bangladesh and his impressive business background is combined with a very strong social standing and reputation. Under the strong leadership of Mr. Islam, Quasem Group has come a long way in setting industry benchmarks in Bangladesh.

His present involvements in the Group's business are given below

Name of the Enterprise Present Position Nature of Business Duration of involvement
Quasem Drycells Ltd Chairman and Managing Director Manufacturing of Drycells Batteries 29Years
Quasem Zinc Ltd Chairman and Managing Director Manufacturing of Zinc Callot 16 Years
Quasem Lamps Ltd Chairman and Managing Director Manufacturing of Electric Lighter 16 Years
Quasem Food products Ltd Chairman and Managing Director Potato Chips 4 years

reyan-anis   Dr. Reyan Anis Islam

Dr. Reyan Anis Islam, daughter of Late Maj. Gen. (rtd) Dr Anis Waiz, is one of the Directors of the Quasem Lamps Limited. She obtained professional educational qualification of M.B.B.S degree from Dhaka Medical College and M.R.C.P.and FRCP from United Kingdom (U.k). Upon returning to Bangladesh, Dr. Anis has established herself as one of the leading cardiologists in Bangladesh and as an inspiration to young women all over Bangladesh looking to succeed in the Professional arena. Dr. Anis is currently the Senior Cardiologist at LABAID Hospital in Dhaka. In addition to her work as a doctor, she takes keen interest in business activities of her husband, Mr.Tasvir Ul Islam, particularly in the social responsibility aspects of the company. Dr. Anis is also extremely well travelled due to her professional background and has a strong global network of contacts spread across many fields of work.

saad   Mr. Saad Quasem

Mr.Saad Quasem is the youngest son of Late AKM Mainul Islam, a former Director of Quasem Group and a Managing Director of many projects. Mr. Saad Quasem completed his BA from Temple University in Philadelphia, USA after his graduation from Dhaka's most prestigious High School (The American International School Dhaka). After graduating from University Mr. Quasem spent some time in Bangladesh working for various NGO's, as a dedicated social and political activist, Mr. Quasem is firmly committed to enacting real change in Bangladesh, something his strong family, educational and personal background will allow him to do. He is a educated, hardworking extremely charismatic young man with a bright and prosperous future ahead of him. Currently, Mr. Quasem is completing his MA from University of Edinburgh, UK.

Tariq Abul ALA   Mr. Tariq Abul Ala’s
Deputy Managing Director

Mr. Ala completed school & higher secondary education from Rajshahi Cadet Collage obtained his honors in law and LL-M degree from Dhaka University in the year 1978. Since the early 1980's, Mr. Ala has been involved with many projects of Quasem Group, such as Quasem Dry cells and Quasem Textile. At present, Mr. Ala is looks after the overall management of Quasem Lamps as well as Sunlight Trading & Services Ltd. He has become an expert on the production of Gas lighters and has been a major factor in the growth of Quasem Lamps over the years is the trusted and respected Director of Co-Ordination for the company.

mirza-akhtar-maruf   Air vice Marshal Mirza A. Maruf Psc AWC (Retd)

Air vice Marshal Mirza A. Maruf Psc AWC (Retd) is the advisor of Quasem Lamps Ltd. After completion of 30 years of decorated service in Bangladesh Air force, he joined the Quasem Group in 2002 as an independent Director of Quasem Dry cells Ltd. He obtained Msc Degree in Defence science from Air War College, Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama USA. He is a member of Dhaka Club, Kurmitola golf club, Army golf club, RAOWA club, and Cadet College club. Mr. Mirza is extremely well known and respected for his many years of dedicated service to the Bangladesh Air Force and brings with him to Quasem Group a fearless brand of leadership that he obtained during his time in the armed forces. With his strong leadership and advice, he has contributed immensely to the development of Quasem Dry cells, Quasem Lamps Ltd and Quasem foods Ltd. Besides these he also looks after the affairs of the Austrian Consulate in conjunction with the Honorary Consul Mr.Tasvir Ul Islam.

mirza-akhtar-maruf   Mr. A.K.M Hadeeul Islam
Director Factory (OP)

Mr.A.K.M.Hadueel Islam started his career as a Sr. Executive in Quasem Group of industries in 1981.Later; in 1984 he was transferred to Quasem Cotton Mills Limited as Manager, production. At that time Mr. Islam was responsible for the overall production, Quality Control and Maintenance. In 1984, he was promoted as Deputy General Manager of the same concern.

In 1996, Management appointed Mr.Islam as a General Manager For Quasem Lamps Limited. From the joining to till date Mr.Islam is responsible for overall production plan, production Schedule in respect to the Market Demand of the finished products and taking initiatives to implement the activities .Besides this, he is also responsible for assuring production quality and pre-determined standard product. Moreover, Mr. Islam also looks after the Maintenance, inventory Management and project implementation of the Quasem Lamps Limited.

Mr. Hadeeul Islam completed in Accounting from Dhaka University in 1981. He has completed training in Total Quality Management (TQM), ISO 9001:2000 from Center of Management Development (CMD).